Practical Uses for AI on Your Website

For many people, the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) evokes fictional characters such as HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Rosie the robot maid from The Jetsons, or Marvin the paranoid android from The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Serious, real-life AI has had a spotty history, long on promise and short on results, that makes even the exploding droid in Star Wars: A New Hope look like presidential material. However, advances in the last few years have made practical AI a reality, with real uses that can be applied to your website today.


Collaborative WordPress Pages via Google Docs? Yes, Please!

The internet, we’re told, are supposed to make things easier. Socializing comes to mind, as does research (if you can dig your way through all the “fake news”). Collaboration is another. From project management systems to event coordination, the internet has been as essential as phones to communicate and work with others. So why, then, is working on a single document still an archaic process? For the most part, people still use email to share files, which really is not much different from handing a printed piece of paper to a coworker.


Causes and Effects: Web Design for Social-Change Organizations

“I’d love to change the world,” runs the old Ten Years After song, “but I don’t know what to do.” Recent events in the U.S. have caused many people to wonder what they should do, and the resulting wave of activism has become one of the great stories of this young year. No matter what side of any issue you subscribe to, there seems to be at least one organization promoting it.


Say It With Pictures: Tips for Conveying Information Graphically

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a bad picture is worth only a “huh?” Here’s how to save your website from needless, confusing graphics.

Our minds process images more efficiently than words. We humans have been looking at objects longer than we’ve been reading, and it feels like we’ve been looking at the “I can has cheezeburger?” meme even longer. This being the case, it only makes sense that we incorporate images into our websites.


Startup Strategies: Make Your Site Irresistible to Investors

We get it. You’re a young company with stars in your eyes and a dream in your heart. You’re setting out to change the world, and you’re willing to take on any challenges standing in your way.

To put that in a more concrete way, you might be a startup with a groundbreaking concept, new software platform, or creative endeavor that you think could make a splash in the market. Good for you. It’s not easy to make your way as a startup, and we applaud your efforts.


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