Clearing Out the Cobwebs: Spring Cleaning for Your Website

Look outside. The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing. Spring time is here, and we all know what that means: spring cleaning.

But instead of offering tips on washing the Venetian blinds or how to hammer the dust out of your rugs, we thought we’d ring in the season with a few tips for another area of your life that could likely use some touching up: your website!

Shaking Out the Welcome Mat

A website spring cleaning is the perfect time to update the information that greets your visitors as they arrive on your site. Ideally, these updates will have happened as they became relevant, but we all know that site maintenance isn’t always that simple. Check the following areas if your page greeting is a little dusty:

  • Update key data and statistics on your landing pages, contact info, and “about us” pages.
  • Review your event calendar to ensure your schedule for the coming year is up to date.
  • Update newsletter feeds and company bulletins to ensure that the most recent and relevant notices are what your visitors see first.

Cleaning Out the Closet

Sure, beating out the welcome mat is a good first step in your spring cleaning initiative, but when’s the last time you actually dug through your website’s archives? There are likely plenty of temporary files, outdated promotions, and archived data hidden in those pesky corners of your website’s “closet.” Those graphics for Christmas and New Year’s events that are gathering digital dust? Time to chuck them out. What about those folders of company bios and contact information that haven’t been opened in months? Ditch them—or, at the very least, update them with current information to make them relevant in the coming year.

Cleaning out your digital closet will free up storage space on your servers and will prevent obsolete information from inadvertently appearing on your page. Much like our actual closets, keeping your database clean will also help organizational efficiency and productivity. No more sorting through bins of shopworn data—a clean server is a happy server.

Content Dust Bunnies

Your welcome mat is prepared, and your closet is clean, but don’t forget about the dust bunnies hiding in your content!

Yes, blog archives and article databases must be refreshed once in a while, too. Compare each blog’s performance to figure out which ones are popular and which could stand to be improved. If your older blogs are getting stale, try adding embedding links in both your old and new content to drive more traffic to your under-performers. Other ways to improve your content involve:

  • Adding some gloss to your content library with fresh material. A website overhaul is the perfect time to launch new promotions or content marketing strategies. For best effect, broaden the scope of your content as much as possible. Use video, images, statistics, and interactive plug-ins to push your engagement to the next level.
  • Updating your articles with new data. While your evergreen content should be, well, evergreen, the data and statistics you include may become outdated at a certain point. Keep this in mind, and review your old articles once in a while to make sure the information you’re providing is still factual and relevant.
  • Re-purpose content to work for you. Do you have a white paper that you want viewers to download? Write a series of blogs discussing it. How about a special product or trial membership? Use the data from your content archive to create infographics and easy-to-digest videos about the subject. Creating new content doesn’t always mean starting from scratch—recycling what you already have can be a cost-effective strategy.

Keeping Your Site Tidy

The cleaning bug hits us all this time of year, and your site is no exception.

Review each page on your site one at a time. Check for outdated information, typos, or back-end functionality issues that might have slipped through the cracks. This is also a good time to bring in fresh sets of eyes to review your website layout and design choices. Visitors unfamiliar with your page may notice things that you don’t. A website spring cleaning is the perfect way to ensure that your page will remain professional and stylish in the eyes of your audience.