It’s Time to Integrate Your Social Media Into WordPress

Social media marketing has seen many advancements over the past few years, one of which being its increased integration with other marketing channels. Email campaigns, content marketing, and even your website all fall into this category of marketing methods that can be enhanced with social sharing. Utilizing social media within your WordPress site is a great way to make your site easier to use and increase viewer engagement among each marketing channel.

WordPress Plugins

Fortunately, WordPress was designed to make this type of integration a breeze. There are plenty of plugins out there that can make it happen, and best of all, the plugins do all the work for you.

Social Sharing Buttons

Every business with a social media presence should include social sharing buttons. Give these sharing plugins a try:

These plugins are easy to install and give you a good starting point on which to build your WordPress social media presence.

Comment Boxes

All of us love to share our opinions, but the standard WordPress comment box is a little intrusive. Commenters are asked to enter their names, email addresses, and website before making a post. Who has time for that?

Make it more convenient for your readers to share their thoughts with comment plugins like Disqus or Livefyre by Adobe. These plugins let users post comments through their social media profiles and are some of the most popular comment plugins out there. Including these will make it more likely that users will take the time to post, increasing customer engagement on each post and their engagement with your website overall.

For active pages, try the Social Comments plugin. This handy feature lets users post from a variety of different social media platforms and lets viewers sort comments by platform when viewing them.

Broadcast Notifications

Busy brands with busy publication schedules can’t afford to take the time to manually notify social media users of each new post. Taking the time to craft post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and every other social channel you have can be a big time sink.

Instead, trying using broadcast notification plugins like those provided by Hootsuite and These plugins automate social notifications to update all of your accounts every time new content is published.

Premium Content

For a new twist on social sharing, try restricting access to specific pieces of premium content. Known as “content locking,” this strategy prevents users from seeing certain posts unless they pay for the privilege with a social share or like. Pay with a like is a good option here. Be careful about abusing this feature—users will get annoyed if you shake them down for likes on every post—but as a complementary tool to use alongside your high-value content, it can be an effective way to generate interest and drive social engagement.

Metric Tracking

And of course, like any marketing strategy, you need to track your progress to see which strategies are effective. For example, the aptly named Social Metrics plugin provides valuable information about the performance of each piece of content that gets published. For measuring the impact of each piece of material on your social media marketing, there’s nothing better.

Getting Social with WordPress

Social media plugins are all about convenience, both for site owners and visitors. Too many plugins can slow down your site, so be choosy about which you include. The right social plugins let site owners seamlessly link their WordPress sites with whichever social channels they have in use while simultaneously making it easy for viewers to like, share, and engage with the material.