4 Questions that Need Answering Before Designing Your Site

Have you ever visited a website for, oh, anything, and found that the only information that you gleaned from the site was that the website designers had absolutely no idea what they were doing? Did you ever suspect that some websites secretly wanted to see how many seizures their graphics can induce?

Web design isn’t easy. Anyone who thinks so has likely either never designed a website, or possibly designed something strongly resembling this. Even the organizations that seem as though they have every design resource imaginable will occasionally come up with a website so poorly conceived that it flummoxes the customers it’s supposed to seduce and winds up on horrible web design top ten lists.

It isn’t enough to just have a website – the website has to invite users to stay on it and actually read it in order to serve its purpose. If users click off almost immediately, you might as well not have had a website at all. If you’re designing your own site and are new to the world of the interwebs, here are four questions you should ask before committing to a brand spanking new website.