When Does Switching to WP Engine Make Sense for Your Business?

A minor irony of being a website owner is that your ultimate goal is not to have to fool with it anymore.

No, that doesn’t mean getting rid of the site, or closing the business and retiring to some tropical paradise (although that, too, is a worthy, long-term goal). What it means is that your business is so successful that you can pay people to worry about your site for you.

One of the best approaches is to have someone in-house manage the content and outsource the day-to-day technology management to a provider such as WP Engine.

What Is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a web hosting provider that specializes in WordPress sites. Unlike general web hosting providers, WP Engine’s narrow focus gives you certain advantages:

  • WP Engine’s staff keep the technology stack updated—in particular, they apply regular WordPress updates in a timely fashion.
  • Security is one of their highest priorities. WP Engine takes a proactive approach to security, ensuring your site is safe from hackers and malware. What’s more, they back it up with a guarantee: If your site is hacked, they will fix it at no charge.
  • WP Engine has over 100 WordPress experts who provide round-the-clock technical support, and their WordPress knowledge and skills are tops in the field.
  • They understand the importance of website speed and performance—not just for page loading, but for content and applications as well. They know all the tricks and will work with you to optimize the performance of your site.
  • No site is too big or too small for WP Engine. Whether your site is just a few static pages or a full enterprise-scale, high-volume e-commerce site, with multiple sites and multiple languages, WP Engine has a service plan to fit your needs.
  • They have advanced migration tools to ensure a smooth transition of your site from its current hosting situation to the WP Engine environment.

5 Signs You’re Ready for WP Engine

How do you know your business is ready to make the jump to WP Engine? Here are some clues:

  • You have set up calendar reminders to perform site maintenance tasks, but for want of time you haven’t done any of them.
  • You hear about widespread malware attacks in the news, but it doesn’t occur to you to find out if your site is vulnerable.
  • Site visitors are complaining that they are seeing weird error messages when visiting your site.
  • You can’t remember the last time you visited your own site.
  • You’ve lost your site’s admin password. Again.

All of these indicate that site maintenance is not at the top of your to-do list, and may not even be on the first page. It’s time to hand it over to someone whose only job is to take care of that stuff for you.

WP Engine doesn’t do web design or theme customization—you still need a web designer and developer for those tasks—and maintaining your content is beyond their scope as well. They focus on the backend, which is the stuff you’re least likely to want to concern yourself with. After all, you have a business to run, right?

If this sounds like you, have a look at WP Engine. Chances are good they have a plan to fit your business and your budget, and they can help your site grow as your business grows. Getting them to handle the technical minutiae frees you to focus on the most important thing: satisfying your customers.