Why You Shouldn’t Count MODX out Just Yet

There’s no denying that WordPress has completely dominated the market of Content Management Systems (CMS), and for good reason. WordPress’ intuitive design and versatility has made it an excellent choice for anyone looking to jump right into a fully-functioning CMS.

But the overwhelming success that WordPress has experienced doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only CMS for the job. In fact, one could even argue that it’s not the best CMS out there when we look at specific jobs.

Has WordPress’ iron-fisted control of the market caused you to have second thoughts about your MODX platform? If so, you should consider the following facts before jumping ship:

  • Making the jump from MODX to another CMS is likely to be time consuming and will require extensive work.
  • Just because WordPress is the more popular option doesn’t mean that it’s the best CMS for your site.
  • MODX is developer-friendly and can be completely customized to meet all of your specific needs.

Remember, if you’ve been able to run a MODX site for this long without any problems, you probably don’t need to change platforms unless there’s a clear-cut objective you’re trying to achieve that simply isn’t feasible with MODX.

The Truth Is That MODX Is Really a Good Platform

Yes, from a business standpoint, WordPress is the clear winner. But from a developer and content creator’s point of view, there’s a lot of potential in the MODX platform.

One of the best features of MODX is its customizability. Other CMS platforms take a one-size-fits-all approach to creating and managing content. There’s little you can do with most CMS with regards to making modifications – aside from some plugins you can choose from, that is. But with MODX, you’re able to break away from first and third-party templates and design something that truly satisfies your company’s needs.

But is MODX the best CMS out there?

There’s really no way to give a definitive answer regarding whether MODX or WordPress is better. The question we should be asking ourselves is “which is better for whom?” For your average person who’s simply looking for a way to manage content without making any major changes, WordPress is probably the superior choice. After all, it gives you the ability to select between a number of different built-in templates and plugins, so setting up your website in a way that works for you shouldn’t be too hard.

With that said, WordPress starts to become a problem the minute that you’re looking to make any serious modifications to the platform. Making changes to WordPress’ PHP framework isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s complex, sensitive, and easy to mess up. This is where MODX starts to shine. Because it was created with developers in mind, MODX is much easier to customize than its popular counterpart. So as long as you know a little bit about coding, making structural changes to your MODX site should be fairly intuitive.  

Another thing to consider when looking at CMS platforms is security. Websites get outdated and fall back on maintenance, which can create various vulnerabilities in the system. And yes, both WordPress and MODX have experienced security exploits over the years. However, by virtue of being the number one system in use, WordPress has had far more security breaches than MODX, mostly because of the occasional unsafe plugin on the WordPress platform.

Don’t Switch Just Yet

Still thinking about ditching your MODX platform? Before you do, first ask yourself this: has MODX been giving you problems or are you experiencing WordPress FOMO? Because if you’re searching for a CMS with a simplistic yet powerful layout and isn’t prone to being bloated and bogged down with excessive add-ons, you might want to reconsider your stance on abandoning MODX.

Just remember, MODX got overshined, but it didn’t get made redundant. There’s still a lively MODX community that’s eager to help developers troubleshoot problems and share various tips and tricks. As long as MODX continues to have a vibrant developer community working to make the platform better, MODX isn’t going anywhere.