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Empower your team.

Your website looks awesome, but it is alive and constantly needs to be updated. A SmashStack custom MODX CMS lets your team easily manage and update your website content in real-time.

What Our Clients Say

Highly customized

Your project starts with a series of interviews to understand how you do business and the role your website plays. From there we start with MODX, a highly customizable and flexible open source CMS, and build an integrated custom solution that allows you to add content and edit any parts of your website that is needed without any technical knowledge.

Because you want easy

We make sure your website CMS helps you get things done, without a steep learning curve. Just login, make changes, hit save and then get on with your day. It's that easy, we promise. From simple blogs and content management to complex responsive websites, we've built it on MODX. We think it's a super flexible CMS platform and it allows us to build what you need now as well as easy expansion in the future.

Fire us when it's over

As sad as that makes us, it's the truth. Once we develop your CMS and hand over the documentation you won't need us around. You will be liberated from costly website maintenance contracts and in the long run you'll save time and money.

What Our Clients Say

Working with SmashStack is like shopping for a minivan and ending up with a Ferrari. They are undoubtedly the most highly skilled boutique development firm in the country. Pretty big statement, but I stand on that!


The team at SmashStack just impresses me to no end. They are hands down the most talented group of developers I have ever worked with. Our new responsive website is simple to update with the CMS they developed for us.


SmashStack did an fantastic job with our complex CMS project. A beautiful responsive web design built into a simple to use content management system. We are highly impressed after working with them.



We take customer support serioulsy. Some might say we are fanatical. Nothing is more frustrating than needing help only to find no one around to give you a hand.

Always Awesome. Others claim it, we live it. It's help when you need it, not three days later from a guy living in India.

If you are used to working with other developers, it might just blow your mind.



You call, we answer. Don't you wish more companies did this.



Send an email and get a quick reply. That's how we roll.



If you can pull this one off then lunch is on us. We're impressed.

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